The Idea of Masking the Drunken Driving Crash With Black Ice Backfires

The famous author of ‘The Last Lecture’, Randy Pausch of our own Pittsburgh once said, “No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.”

It is true that this is a wonderful piece of advice that will be quite useful for life in general but this, as a criminal defense attorney of Morgantown, I believe is quite appropriate for fighting the DUI defense case. Having dealt with millions of DUI defense cases both in and beyond Morgantown, I can unequivocally tell you that the clients had done no favors to themselves when they simply acted out, post their arrest regarding charges of drinking and driving.

Let me clarify what I am saying to those who are not quite familiar with what I am saying by declaring some of the thumb rules. Never swear at the police. Never misbehave and argue unnecessarily such as shouting out, “Do you even know who I am? Are you aware of what I can do? Your job will be gone in seconds.” And lastly, never run away from the police.

Another instance would be, which just happened recently with two guys from Jersey, never trying to re-construe the crash scene. A young fellow of about twenty years of age blew up a stop sign, crashed into a guardrail, and asked his friend for help, to cover up the cause of this drunken driving crash with an ice patch on the road. Then, the friend who apparently did not put on a shirt in spite of the cold weather in winter came on the spot in his private car alongside five gallons of water in buckets.

As has been reported in the news, both the boys confessed their plan to the police officials and both of them have been charged with DUI and other related offenses. You must note that the crash happened only by one person but due to their callous and reckless attitude and lack of in-depth thinking, both of them landed with DUI charges.

What happened to the icy area, you think? Well, according to the news reports, about half a ton of salt was used to melt down the icy area and make the throughway ready for passage again. It does not require a criminal defense attorney who has substantial experience in fighting several DUI defense cases to understand that these boys had not won a lot of hearts or praises from neither the police nor the court officials with their little stunt that they performed on the road.

What the youth of West Virginia doesn’t understand is that drunken driving is a serious offense and has various deadly consequences. This is true not only for the accused but also for the victim and his or her family. A severe accident can take the lives of people or make them handicapped forever. And as for the drunken driver, he or she may be merely a student but will be charged with a strong case of DUI and if he or she cannot prove themselves not guilty with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable defense lawyer, his or her life will be completely ruined.

Source: Fox 5 - Police: Man created black ice to mask drunken-driving crash