West Virginia Beefs Up DUI Patrols, Checkpoints for Holidays

Watch out, West Virginia drivers (and DUI defense lawyers), police are in the midst of what they are calling a “Holiday Blitz.” That means motorists will be seeing the Mountain State’s best and brightest out in force – there will be more checkpoints and more patrols as we head into prime holiday celebration time.

The beefed-up enforcement efforts are annual and are sponsored by the Governor’s Highway Safety Commission, and they target drunk drivers. The tagline they’re using is, “Drive sober or get pulled over,” and, as a DUI defense lawyer, I would like to join them in passing along that warning.

There’s a reason DUI patrols are heightened around the holiday season. Take these statistics, for instance: The nonprofit Mothers Against Drunk Driving reported that 52 percent of fatal car crashes on Christmas and 57 percent on New Year's are the result of impaired drivers. Then there’s this Centers for Disease Control statistic: 1,200 alcohol-related deaths will happen on the road this holiday season, with another 25,000 people expected to also be injured.

Unless you want to spend the New Year worrying about retaining a DUI lawyer, paying court costs, and a year of ignition interlock on your car, don’t tempt fate this holiday season and drink and drive. Pick a designated driver, call a cab, pay for a hotel room… call your mom or dad or girlfriend or cousin and have them pick you up from your holiday reveling – just don’t get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few drinks. Trust the guy who’s represented more than 300 clients charged with DUI: It’s not a chance worth taking this holiday season, or ever.

Source: WTOV9 News: West Virginia Police begin Holiday Blitz