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Author Archives: Sean Thomas Logue

Author Archives: Sean Thomas Logue

Is the Hard Liquor Ban on College Campus enough to curb DUIs in West Virginia?

Having been a criminal defense lawyer in Morgantown and having represented so many clients for DUI defense cases, I have become certain about one thing that kids are at the end of the day kids, immature and tactless. But sometimes they also take things too far which can spoil their whole lives. I have graduated […]

WVU’s New Piece for The Daily Athenaeum gives new hope for Deterring DUI

As a criminal defense lawyer, deeply involved in and regularly representing clients for DUI defense, I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate the student newspaper’s editorial team of the West Virginia University for their recent write-up on the perils of drinking and driving. The piece has been titled as ““Drunk Driving is […]

Serving Alcohol to Minors can have Serious Implications

Answer a simple question, first. When you were of 21 years old, did you ever be the friend who was eligible for drinking so got beers for the underage members of your group? Or did you ever have that 20 years old college senior and friend who came looking for some cocktail peach schnapps or […]

Targeted Enforcements bring down the Number of Fatal Traffic Crashes in West Virginia

West Virginia’s fatal car crashes have gone down in number. And according to the authorities, this remarkable improvement of the waning statistics can be attributed to the targeting enforcement such as the seat belt enforcement, DUI checkpoints or the child restraint enforcement etc. The number of fatalities and car crashes has come down from the […]

Hazing leads to the Death of a WVU Student in the Fraternity House

Moments ago, there was an update that threw light on the death of a student from the West Virginia University. This happened in November at a fraternity house after a night of drinking. Nolan Burch, the student who died was found with a shocking 0.493 percent blood alcohol content which is extremely high when the […]

Woman hit by an alleged DUI Driver gets a ticket for Jaywalking

I am a criminal defense attorney in Morgantown with a substantial experience. So, trust me when I say this that charges might look fine on paper but when you consider the evidence and circumstances in entirety, it looks odd. And this is something which happens all the time within the legal system. This is where […]

The Idea of Masking the Drunken Driving Crash with Black Ice backfires

The famous author of ‘The Last Lecture’, Randy Pausch of our own Pittsburgh once said, ““No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.” It is true that this is a wonderful piece of advice that will be quite useful for life in general but this, as a criminal defense attorney of […]

How to Party & yet be Safe on this St. Patrick’s Day

For most of the Americans, St. Patrick’s Day has been a popular occasion to celebrate with your friends and family. But due to the increasing number of alcohol-induced drivers on the road, this night has become quite a dangerous one. Hence, join efforts are being undertaken by the local, state and federal law enforcement and […]

Why do we need Distracted Driving Month Awareness in West Virginia?

Being a criminal defense attorney, constantly representing people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, I am always driving to and fro. And let me tell you, some of the things I have seen are seriously quite frightening. Try and imagine a man using the steering wheel as a stand for spreading out the newspaper, a woman […]

Grant from the Governor Spurs DUI Patrols in West Virginia

DUI is a serious offense in all states of America owing to its tremendous impact on not only the convict but also on the victim and his family members. If you are charged with such severe charges and if you are found to be guilty, you may be subjected to jail time for a considerable […]

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