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Author Archives: Sean Thomas Logue

Author Archives: Sean Thomas Logue

Serious Issues to remember on National Beer Day

It might seem like an irony or juxtaposition but today I read some posts on my news feed which intrigued this Morgantown criminal defense lawyer. Are you wondering what the posts were? Well, one of them talked about National Beer Day which now seems like a partially legitimate holiday due to the overwhelming presence of […]

Filing Expungements can clean the DUI Record of College-Goers

It feels like it was just yesterday when the year had begun and now it is already April. And do you know what April reminds me of? April means it is time for all the senior years of college are coming close to their commencement day and preparing for their lives post-graduation. Now that could […]

DUI Facts to know for 4/20 Celebrations in West Virginia

Even if this is not listed on your desk calendar, today is a national holiday for many Americans. For those who are unaware of April 20th, more commonly known as 4/20, let me tell you this is marijuana enthusiast’s holiday. Except for Denver, where smoking pot is still considered to be legal, there is a […]

Teenager charged with DUI causing a crash into a School Bus full of Children on 4/20

A horrible incident happened in Greenbrier County of West Virginia today. News agencies have reported that a teenager has been charged with DUI leading to severe injuries after he plowed into a school bus full of children on Monday. According to what he told the police, Eighteen-year-old Andrew Thomas Davis was apparently distracted by another […]

Heroin-related DUIs are becoming an Epidemic issue in West Virginia

As a reputed criminal defense lawyer in West Virginia, responsible for various kinds of DUI cases, I am not surprised how alcohol and drug induced driving is posing a problem across the state. Personally, I have written a number of blogs on the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving along with the severe effects of […]

Huntington ensures Road Safety with Sobriety Checkpoints on Memorial Day

Are you ready for the forthcoming long weekend of Memorial Day? How is the shopping for burgers, hot dogs and chips going on? And not to forget, the stocked cooler for your beers, pop and wine coolers. While you are busy arranging for the weekend, the police are not far behind either. They are well-prepared […]

Can ‘Scarlett Letter’ License Plates be a Learning Lesson for DUI Offenders?

DUI is a serious offense in West Virginia. And it should be that way because driving under the intoxicated condition can lead to several serious consequences. Alcohol or other intoxicating drugs can seriously affect your rational judgment, balance and most importantly your vision. As a result of which, you can meet with an accident and […]

Severe Consequences of Marijuana Cultivation in West Virginia

Possession, sale and manufacture of marijuana are controlled by both the state laws as well as the federal laws. Marijuana is put under the Schedule I substance in West Virginia which indicates that it has a high potential for abuse and bereft of any medical value. West Virginia is one of the few states where […]

Governor of West Virginia signs the DUI Bill into Law

In West Virginia, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other kind of drug is considered to be a serious offense and treated with the same importance. When someone drives under any intoxicating influence, he is not only putting his own life at risk but also risking the lives of people around him. Alcohol […]

West Virginia Gov. Signs DUI Bill Into Law

As a Morgantown criminal defense attorney who routinely represents folks accused of DUI, I’ve been following news of House Bill 2664, which is known more commonly as “Andrea and Willy’s Law” – which was signed into law this week by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. For those who aren’t familiar, the bill, which increases some penalties […]

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