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Can ‘Scarlett Letter’ License Plates be a Learning Lesson for DUI Offenders?

DUI is a serious offense in West Virginia. And it should be that way because driving under the intoxicated condition can lead to several serious consequences. Alcohol or other intoxicating Read More

Severe Consequences of Marijuana Cultivation in West Virginia

Possession, sale and manufacture of marijuana are controlled by both the state laws as well as the federal laws. Marijuana is put under the Schedule I substance in West Virginia Read More

Governor of West Virginia signs the DUI Bill into Law

In West Virginia, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other kind of drug is considered to be a serious offense and treated with the same importance. When someone Read More

West Virginia Gov. Signs DUI Bill Into Law

As a Morgantown criminal defense attorney who routinely represents folks accused of DUI, I’ve been following news of House Bill 2664, which is known more commonly as “Andrea and Willy’s Read More

90 Years in Jail for Growing Weed in West Virginia? Possibly

Maybe it’s just because I’m a criminal defense lawyer, but I hear a lot of the same argument when it comes to marijuana: “But it comes from the earth!” or Read More

Would ‘Scarlett Letter’ License Plates Prevent DUI Drivers?

In today’s world, we hear terms like “slut shaming” and “fat shaming” – but have you heard about so-called “plate shaming?” No? Well, this Morgantown criminal defense has. Here’s the skinny: Read More

Sobriety Checkpoint Planned in Huntington this Memorial Day

Is everyone ready for the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend? Because, let me tell you: while you’ve gone shopping for your burgers, dogs and chips (and made sure that the cooler Read More

Heroin DUIs Are Epidemic in West Virginia Town

As a West Virginia criminal defense lawyer who handles myriad DUI cases, it’s not lost on me that alcohol and drug-fueled driving is a problem throughout the state. I personally have Read More

West Va. Teen Charged with DUI After 4/20 Crash into School Bus

Horrible story out of Greenbrier County, West Virginia today: News agencies are reporting that a teenager there has been charged with DUI causing injury after police say he plowed into Read More

It’s 4/20 – Know THIS if You’re Celebrating Today

It might not be listed on your desk calendar, but for many in America, today is a national holiday. For those unfamiliar: It’s April 20 – 4/20 – which has long Read More

About to Graduate? Criminal Record? Better Think Expungements

It’s April, which means that college seniors staring down commencement day are preparing for their post-collegiate lives, whether that means deciding on which grad school to attend, where to apply Read More

Deep Thoughts on National Beer Day

I don’t know that it would be considered irony as much as juxtaposition but: On my news feeds today I saw stories about news items that piqued the interest of Read More

Grant Spurs More DUI, Other Patrols in West Virginia Town

I know you’ve heard this Morgantown criminal defense lawyer say it before: More enforcement = less DUIs and traffic infractions, an opinion backed up by a recent study. Now, at least Read More

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As a criminal defense lawyer who represents clients in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I am on the road constantly – and some of the things you see are truly frightening. Picture, Read More

Morgantown St. Patrick’s Day Plans Spur Traffic, Parking Changes

Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities have come and gone, but the fun is just getting geared up in Morgantown, West Virginia. Those who live and work in the city should be Read More

WVU College of Law Again Ranked as Top-100 School

I wanted to give a shout out today to my alma mater, West Virginia University College of Law, which was recently (and again) recognized by U.S. News & World Report Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 89 posts