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90 Years in Jail for Growing Weed in West Virginia? Possibly

Maybe it’s just because I’m a criminal defense lawyer, but I hear a lot of the same argument when it comes to marijuana: “But it comes from the earth!” or “But it’s just weed!” True enough: Marijuana is indeed a plant that can be cultivated wherever there is a little patch of green outside or […]

Would ‘Scarlett Letter’ License Plates Prevent DUI Drivers?

In today’s world, we hear terms like “slut shaming” and “fat shaming” – but have you heard about so-called “plate shaming?” No? Well, this Morgantown criminal defense has. Here’s the skinny: At least one West Virginia news channel asked whether the Mountain State should take a que from our Ohio neighbors, where second-time DUI offenders […]

Sobriety Checkpoint Planned in Huntington this Memorial Day

Is everyone ready for the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend? Because, let me tell you: while you’ve gone shopping for your burgers, dogs and chips (and made sure that the cooler is stocked with everyone’s favorite pop, beer and wine coolers), the police have also been preparing. But what they have in mind is definitely […]

About to Graduate? Criminal Record? Better Think Expungements

It’s April, which means that college seniors staring down commencement day are preparing for their post-collegiate lives, whether that means deciding on which grad school to attend, where to apply for – or accept – a job, and where to set down roots. I know these seniors are getting advice from everyone right now: Parents, […]

WVU College of Law Again Ranked as Top-100 School

I wanted to give a shout out today to my alma mater, West Virginia University College of Law, which was recently (and again) recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top-100 law schools in the country. West Virginia University College of Law was ranked 94 (out of 198 accredited schools) in […]

Morgantown’s Dub V Ride Now Non-Profit in Fight Against DUIs

There is some good news on the horizon for folks in Morgantown, West Virginia – news that this criminal defense lawyer who handles a ton of DUI defense thinks will go a long way in preventing DUI arrests in the city. Dub V Safe Ride, a Morgantown-based designated driver service, announced this week that it […]

Shocker? Monongalia County Averages 2 DUI Arrests Per Night

The headline made this criminal defense lawyer who handles a ton of DUI defense in Morgantown pay attention: “An Average 2 People Arrested for DUI Per Night in Monongalia County.” Two. Per. Night. The rest of the read was fascinating, too. Police in Morgantown lamented that, despite the weather being so bad that drivers were […]

Longer WVU PRT Hours Could Mean Safer Morgantown

Robert Frost once famously said, “I always entertain great hopes.” I agree with Mr. Frost, and I think West Virginia University needs to, as well – one great hope in particular, which was articulated well in an op-ed piece published recently by WVU’s student newspaper, “The Daily Athenaeum.” Here is what is at issue: It […]

Will This Hard Liquor Ban Curb College Binge Drinking?

Take it from this Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who deals with a lot of DUI defense: There is indeed such a thing as “kids being kids.” But that also means kids will take things too far. As an attorney who graduated from West Virginia University, and one who now routinely represents WVU students for college […]

WVU Campus Police Report Decrease in Public Intox, Other Crimes

My alma mater, West Virginia University, has been in the news enough for a bunch of bad stuff lately. Yesterday, for example, news broke that the freshmen who died in November following a night of drinking at a frat house had a blood-alcohol content that was six times the legal limit. Before that, several members […]

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