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Being convicted for operating a vehicle while you are under influence of alcohol or drug can be a serious crime. And this can bring some serious consequences in your life. You surely don’t want to lose your license or driving privileges and land up in jail. Neither do you want to pay huge fines for this offense, nor insurance money. So, if you are in a situation where you are charged with DUI charges and yet to be convicted, connect with an experienced Morgantown DUI lawyer.

When you are looking for an experienced and expert lawyer, come to us at Mountaineer Criminal Law Group. We are a team of expert lawyers that can help you with your criminal charges and lead you towards the right way legally. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will aggressively fight your case and ensure you get the most favorable outcome.

The Drunk Driving Charges We Challenge

For helping you win the case and get all the charges dropped, it is necessary that the lawyer you are hiring is able to challenge them. Our Morgantown DUI lawyer will do the same. We will demonstrate that the procedural error or the fault with the equipment has caused the false charges. We will also challenge that the law enforcement did not follow the proper protocol, for charging our client, with the following ones:

  • While stopping their vehicle, the police officer did not have enough reason for “reasonable suspicion” that you are violating the traffic rules.
  • The police failed to follow the proper protocols while conducting the sobriety test or the BAC.
  • The accuracy of the breathalyzer is questionable as it failed to offer the right result in the past.
  • We can also challenge that the arrest was not valid as the police did not state Miranda Rights
  • Police failed to store the blood samples or other evidence in the proper condition which caused them to lose authenticity.

Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will help you with all the challenges so that you can win the case or get the minimum penalties if in case you get convicted.

Tips for Handling DUI Stops from Experts

When you are charged for DUI cases, you need to connect with a lawyer immediately. But before anything else, you need to know how you can handle the situation calmly and keep things in your favor. Act in the right way rather than by freaking out and saying something to the police which can be used against you.

Our expert Morgantown DUI lawyer advises you to follow these tips so that while you are pulled over by the police, the situation remains under control.

  • Maintain calmness. In case you are feeling nervous and make it obvious, the police will have reason to believe that you have something to hide. Hence, when you are pulled over and the police are coming to your car window, stay calm.
  • Be polite. There is no need to freak out and say something untowardly that will betray your tension or uneasiness and make the police charge you under “reasonable suspicion.”
  • The police might want to search your vehicle. But you have the right to refuse it unless they have a warrant. Even if you are not drunk, there might be evidence in the car that can be used against you for the DUI conviction.
  • The police can ask for the sobriety test. Don’t refuse it. Refusal of a sobriety test can lead to more suspicion and eventually more penalties if you are convicted. So, take the test. Trust our Morgantown criminal lawyer as we can always challenge the result of the test later.
  • Once you are released, get your blood tested. Measuring your BAC can help us in building defense when the case goes for trial.

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