Bankruptcy is a complicated legal procedure. Filing without legal aid can be confusing and if you make a mistake it prolongs the process. A bankruptcy lawyer makes filing quick, easy, and painless. When you are already underwater financially, don’t add to your stress by trying to file unassisted. Higher a reputable West VBanirginia bankruptcy lawyer to relieve your burden. The Mountaineer Criminal Law Group is waiting for your call. Led by Attorney Sean Logue, Mountaineer Criminal Law Group is the right team to guide you through the difficult process of filing for bankruptcy. 

Based in Pittsburgh, Sean Logue practices all over Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. He attended Mount Lebanon High School. After that, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in political science from Washington & Jefferson College. After earning his law degree from West Virginia University College of Law, he has worked with two reputed law firms in Pittsburgh. 

He has earned a position in the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General’s Criminal Prosecutions Unit after completing his degree. After that, he became an associate of Master trial lawyer Donald I. Shrager. In 2008, he finally embarked on the journey of independently practicing law in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

With all of his experience, Sean understands how much it takes for a general civilian or a business owner to file a case of bankruptcy. He knows that each case is unique and he spends the time getting to know his clients and their individual needs. He answers all your questions and helps guide you in your decision to file bankruptcy. Sean and his team make sure that you get to file the case when you are completely educated and aware of all your choices. All you need to do is give us a call or email and we can start the process to getting your debt eliminated. 

The Types of West Virginia Bankruptcy Cases Sean Logue Handles 

There can be various situations you find yourself in when you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is not all cut and dry. Some people might be able to have their debt restructured and get on a payment plan. Other people will have their debt erased and their assets liquidated. Others still, might own a business which they are struggling to keep afloat. Sean has seen many situations where clients are ready to file for bankruptcy including: 

● A substantial decrease in income due to unemployment or sudden loss of job 

● An enormous amount of credit card debt 

● High interest on debts 

● Huge expenses on medical bills 

● Increased interest rates for the cases of home loans and foreclosure 

● Small businesses that are going through a financial rough tide 

● A succession of payday loans 

Filing West Virginia Bankruptcy Case with Mountaineer Criminal Law Group 

There are three different types of bankruptcy cases that Sean Logue can help you file. Before you file, he can offer you a means test to determine which is the right type for you. He will help you every step of the way during the filing process. During this stressful time, hiring the right attorney can mean all the difference in the world. 

We believe that educating our clients is the first step to a stress-free filing for bankruptcy. You can find information about bankruptcy and the different types of chapters on our website. However, each case is unique. That is why we urge you to come for a face-to-face discussion of your case. It will help you to get the right insight in your case. 

For more information, call Mountaineer Criminal Law Group today at 1-304-584-DUI1 or contact us online.