Criminal Defense for College Students

When you are studying in college, it is normal to make some mistakes. You will obviously indulge in parties and fun with your friends. But at the same time, you might commit some unwanted mistakes too. Getting drunk and drive, getting involved in some sort of scuffle or disorderly conduct, or even drugs or sexual offense, all of these can result in massive consequences and a lifelong mark on your life. And that is why you need to get in touch with an experienced Morgantown criminal lawyer.

When you are looking for an expert like that for your legal representation, come to us at Mountaineer Criminal Law Group. We have defended many college students against some serious crimes and have made sure that their career remained safe and they can start again with a clean slate. If you are charged with DUI, our Morgantown DUI lawyer will defend you too. If you are involved in some other crime, we will also ensure that your penalties get reduced. Come to us right away.

The Cases We Handle

For college students, there are some common types of criminal charges that teenagers get accused of. And we have the experience and expertise in dealing with these charges. The charges include,

  • Underage drinking / Drinking with minor in possession
  • Drunk driving as an underage driver
  • Drunk driving for students who are 21+
  • Disorderly conducts
  • Drug charges
  • Charges of sexual assault and sex crimes
  • Date rape

For a student, these charges can have serious consequences. Traditionally, you will face fines, jail time, and license suspension in the case of DUI. But at the same time, you will face some other consequences too, that can include

  • Disciplinary action against you at school
  • Probable suspension or expulsion
  • Loss of your financial aid

These situations can result in difficulty in graduation and securing employment later on. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer has experience in defending college students in such cases so that your career remains untarnished. We will ensure that you can come out of this mess with all charges dropped or reduced penalties along with complete closure of your case, so that in the future, these charges do not affect your career, employment, or life.

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At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have experience in defending college students in the state. In case of DUI, our Morgantown DUI lawyer will defend you in the court of law and help you fight for justice. For other cases, our Morgantown criminal lawyer will pay attention to every little detail of the case and get the most favorable outcome. For more details or a free consultation, give us a call today.