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Stuck in a traffic jam? Know your rights

If you are violating traffic rules and getting points in your license, then it will affect your privileges and insurance costs. Often people ignore the speeding tickets that they get for running traffic lights or reckless driving. However, all the points it is resulting in can come down to insurance costs. In West Virginia, you can lose your driver’s license after a single traffic violation. In fact, just one speeding ticket can cost you hundreds of more dollars in your insurance costs. In a situation like this, only an experienced Morgantown criminal lawyer can help you.

At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have dealt with hundreds of cases involving traffic violations. We also have ensured that the charges got dropped for the client or penalties got reduced. With the help of our Morgantown DUI lawyer or criminal lawyer, you will get the most favorable outcome.

Charges Against You

There can be various charges against you and each of them has their own consequences. Our experienced criminal lawyer has experience of dealing with them and can help you get your charges dropped.

  • If the driver has been convicted previously for some offense like DUI, they might have a suspended license. And driving with a suspended license is considered to be a crime as it will risk all the lives of the innocent pedestrians.
  • Driving without license will brings some similar consequences too.
  • Reckless driving can pose a risk to others and in each case, the reason of reckless driving can have different reasons and the charges will be according to those reasons.
  • Not stopping after hit and run is also considered to be a serious offense in West Virginia. When a driver is sitting behind the wheel, they agree to the law of duties and responsibilities that include stopping after hit and run.

We can help you in such cases where these charges are involved.

Defense for Traffic Violation or Speeding Ticket

Our experienced lawyers can offer you help with the following cases,

  • Drunk driving defense or DUI/DWI
  • A felony for vehicular criminal charges
  • Defense for speeding tickets
  • The offense of hit and run violation
  • Reckless driving
  • Criminal assault involving vehicle
  • Charges for DUS or driving under suspension
  • DMV administrative hearings
  • License reinstatements

Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will aggressively defend you at the court and ensure you get the most favorable outcome.

Information about BMV and DMV Hearing

If you use the vehicle for commercial purposes, then getting your license suspended can be a difficult thing to deal with. And that is why you need to connect with our Morgantown criminal lawyer.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles or BMV or Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV can reinstate your driving license. Getting it back can be a really big problem for you. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will aggressively fight your case and ensure you get the most aggressive representation at the DMV administrative hearing.

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At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, our Morgantown DUI lawyer or criminal lawyer will listen to your case diligently and ensure you get the rightful justice for your case of a traffic violation. For more details, give us a call today.