When Students Face Criminal Charges

Being a college student means that it is time to live life to the fullest while pushing your boundaries. Even though this time is for building your life, often students get involved in unwanted situations that cost them a lot. While getting charged for DUI misdemeanor or criminal charges can be easily defended, the students, often due to their lack of judgment, fail to obtain a lawyer and end up being suspended from the university.

In West Virginia Morgantown, there are around 30,000 students. The Morgantown police department, the WVU police, and the Monongalia Country Sheriff’s Office are responsible to ensure the safety of these students on and off-campus. They are also responsible for ensuring public safety. And that is why they might arrest students for DUI charges or assault. If convicted, these cases can have farfetched consequences which can include getting thrown out of the university and later loss of employment.

If you are a student and involved in a case like this, then you need to look for an experienced Morgantown DUI lawyer. At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have dealt with several cases of college students facing criminal charges. And in most of them, the students could walk out of the court with a clean record and all charges dropped. Talk to our Morgantown Criminal lawyer for your case right away.

The Cases We Take Care Of

There are several types of cases for which we offer legal consultations. We understand that being a student and facing criminal charges can be overwhelming for you, more so because your career is at stake. So, if you don’t want criminal records for you in the future, come to us. Our practice areas include,

  • Drug trafficking or drug possession
  • DWI or DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • Possessing fake ID
  • Rape or other types of sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Vandalism

Our Morgantown Criminal lawyer has proven their skills time and again in such cases and in aggressively defending our clients. Our goal is to get your all charges dropped and ensure your record remains clean. Hence, even if you are charged with DUI for getting prescribed medicines, call our Morgantown DUI lawyer.

Conviction and Long-Lasting Effects

Having criminal records in any state of the USA can have tremendous effects on you. It might affect your school placement, career opportunities, housing, and reputation. And if you are a college student, you might face the repercussions in the institute itself. Schools can have their disciplinary policies for you as you will be charged for criminal activity. This can include getting suspended from school or expulsion. Our Morgantown Criminal lawyer can help you with your charges and prevent such things from happening.

Come to Us Today

Mountaineer Criminal Law Group has years of experience in dealing with cases involving college students as offenders. Our Morgantown DUI lawyer has successfully challenged the test and got the students acquitted from the court. Our lawyers will listen to your case diligently and will suggest to you the best course of action for the right outcome. For a free consultation, connect with us now.