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If you are in West Virginia and have been charged with DUI, then your future can be at risk. Drinking and driving are considered to be serious crime in West Virginia and that is why the consequences can involve a lot of measures like license suspension, imprisonment, huge penalties, and educational classes. Now, this case can affect your future chances of employment and higher education. In fact, you can have a difficult time finding a home too. However, as an offender, you get the right to a fair trial as you are not guilty until you are proven to be. Hence, you will not get an automatic prison sentence with the charges.

So, if you are in a situation where you have been charged with DUI and you are looking for an experienced Morgantown DUI lawyer, then come to us at Mountaineer Criminal Law Group. We are an experienced team that can help you defend yourself and will make sure that you get only zero to minimum punishments. Get in touch with our Morgantown criminal lawyer today.

What Mountaineer Criminal Law Firm can Do For You?

In West Virginia, around only 3% of lawyers have experience dealing with cases involving DUI. That is why finding an experienced Morgantown DUI lawyer can feel like a cumbersome task for you. But when it comes to defending the case, it is necessary that you hire a professional. And that is where we, Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, can help you. We offer expert legal advice along with complete defense with the assurance of reducing the punishments and penalties substantially. We have years of experience in dealing the cases like DUI and our Morgantown criminal lawyer will diligently try to help you.

Types of Cases We Handle

Take a look at the following types of cases we handle.

First DUI

According to the West Virginia Drunk Driving Laws, if your BAC or blood alcohol concentration is higher than .15%, then you can get 48 hours to 6 months jail sentence, along with a $1000 fine. For BAC below .15%, you will have to give a fine of $500 and in this case, there is no minimum jail time.

Multiple DUI

If you have been charged with multiple DUI, then you will be dealing with serious consequences. You will get six months to one year jail time or house arrest along with penalties of $100 to $3000. You might lose the license for 10 years.

Aggravated DUI

Aggravated DUI cases are those where the BA is more than .15%. The charges and the subsequent punishments will be extreme in these cases. If you are dealing with aggravated DUI, then there can be other charges too like death or injury caused by the DUI, speeding, driving with a minor in the car and so on. You can also get charged for driving under the influence when your license is suspended or revoked. As for punishments, you will get imprisonment, a fine, suspension of your license, and compulsory installation ignition interlock device.

Apart from these cases, there are more charges that we deal with, that include,

  • Underage DUI
  • DUI involving drugs
  • DUI while driving with a minor in the car
  • DUI causing injuries
  • DMV hearings

Our Morgantown DUI lawyer will ensure that you get the rightful justice.

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