DUI Defense Lawyer in West Virginia

If you are residing in West Virginia and have been charged with DUI, then it can have serious consequences in your life. You might get your license and driving privilege suspended. You might have to go to jail and pay fines while also installing an ignition interlock device. A DUI is considered to be a misdemeanor. But if driving under the influence has caused some serious damage or injury or it is a repetitive offense, then it can become a felony. To come out of this mess, you need the assistance of an experienced Morgantown DUI lawyer.

At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have dealt with hundreds of cases involving DUI charges. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will fight aggressively and ensure that all the criminal charges get dropped and you can come out of the case as not guilty. Come to us today.

Defense Strategies for DUI Arrest

Strategizing the defense is crucial so that we don’t miss any point to explore and use it in your favor. We also pay attention to the details so that the prosecution cannot use anything against you. Our strategies can include the following,

  • We will look into the fact that the police stopped you for reasonable suspicion. Traffic violations might call for stopping your vehicle. But in Wes Virginia, that is not enough reason to stop your car.
  • Even if the reason for stopping is valid, yet, the officer should be able to show the probable cause. And our Morgantown DUI lawyer will challenge that. For example, if they state the on-field sobriety test to be the reason, like a one-leg stand, we will challenge it by showing arthritis, old age, obesity, any other medical condition, or high heeled shoes as conditions. This will make the test unreliable.
  • We can also motion suppress the results of the breath test. We will claim that the device is not properly calibrated or the tester in the question was not qualified.
  • Our lawyer will also check for deficiencies in blood testing to challenge the process of drawing the blood and its analysis.

Strong Defense in Two Hearings

If your case has been lodged before July 1, 2020, then you will be summoned for two hearings at two different courts, one for criminal penalties and one for administrative license suspension. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer is experienced to handle both of these so that you can get a favorable outcome.

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Understanding the details of a DUI case is necessary and only an expert Morgantown DUI lawyer can help you with that. At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have managed to help many clients win difficult cases by getting all the charges dropped. Our Morgantown criminal lawyer will diligently handle the case so that you can get a favorable outcome. For more details, give us a call right away.