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Criminal Defense

When facing charges for criminal acts, it can have a profound impact on your life, resulting in severe consequences. The criminal justice system may seem perplexing, overwhelming, and dehumanizing, leading to a sense of hopelessness. However, with the dedicated assistance of Hancock County Criminal Lawyer , you can find the support and guidance you need to navigate through this challenging process.

Your Hancock County Criminal Lawyer will provide a comprehensive explanation of the charges against you, offering assistance throughout the trial process. Irrespective of the size or complexity of your case, they will employ the best defense strategies to protect your rights. At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have successfully handled a wide range of complex criminal cases, encompassing various charges.

Our practice areas include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Theft
  • Drug crimes involving crack, prescription pills, and heroin
  • Traffic rule violations
  • Larceny
  • Assault and battery
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Rape and other sexual assaults
  • Homicide, including murder and manslaughter
  • Robbery

Additionally, in cases involving crimes against children, charges may involve:

  • Child molestation
  • Sexting
  • Child abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Spanking of a child
  • Same-sex rape
  • Child endangerment
  • Child desertion and abandonment

Similarly, crimes committed against individuals may result in charges such as:

  • Attempted murder
  • Cyberbullying
  • Criminal threats
  • Possession of firearms without a license
  • False imprisonment
  • Manslaughter
  • Unlawful restraint
  • Elder abuse
  • Possession of deadly weapons
  • Felony murder
  • Homicide

We also offer assistance in the expungement of criminal records. We understand the emotional impact and disruption these charges can have on your life, affecting not only your career prospects but also your reputation in the workplace and community. Rest assured, we will fiercely advocate for you in court, ensuring a positive outcome for your case.

Overall, our goal is to provide you with engaging content and exceptional service in your time of need.

Through our meticulous attention to detail, we excel in challenging the opposing evidence, ensuring your success. Our relentless efforts leave no stone unturned in securing a favorable outcome for you.

Securing a Winning Solution

In order to convict you of a criminal act, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, the specific details of the charges. Our Martinsburg DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys diligently search for any weaknesses in the opposing case, aiming to have the charges against you dropped.

Even in the face of a strong prosecution case, our exceptional legal team remains steadfast in their pursuit of securing your freedom or minimizing any imposed penalties.

In West Virginia, third felony convictions can have severe consequences for individuals involved in various criminal cases. If you or your loved ones have been wrongfully accused of felonies, seek assistance from a reputable Hancock County Criminal Lawyer at Mountaineer Criminal Law Group. We are dedicated to helping you navigate through any legal challenges, no matter the extent of the situation.

Client Reviews

I had hired Mr. Logue a few years ago for my gf at the time for charges she had gotten before I had met her, for prostitution. Big mistake to date her and pay for her lawyer as we didn’t work out but Mr. Logue far exceeded expectations. He got nearly all charges in 2 separate cases dropped for her...


I was arrested on a felony 3 charge looking at at least up to 2 years in prison. County District Attorney didn't want to negotiate. After a lot of hard work, Sean was able to plead the case all the way down to just 90 days jail with a work release. Better deal than I realistically could have hoped...

Former Client

Mr. Logue took our son’s cases on very short notice (the first lawyer we hired wasn’t getting anywhere with either of the prosecutors and had actually turned one of the cases over to the court-appointed attorney). We hired Mr. Logue to go to trial if needed, but he worked with both prosecutors and...

Former Client

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