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Drug Crimes in Wheeling

Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

When it comes to drug crimes, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between state and federal offenses. Whether apprehended by a local police officer or not, drug charges fall under both categories.

Hire an Attorney if the Police Interrogates You

In Wheeling, West Virginia, if you find yourself facing drug crime charges, it’s important to consult an experienced Wheeling criminal lawyer from the esteemed Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, instead of the police. At the Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we have successfully represented over 100 clients in both misdemeanors and felony charges, spanning state and federal courts. Expertise from our Wheeling DUI lawyer ensures comprehensive legal support tailored to your unique case.

Varying Kinds of Drug Crime Charges

Drug Possession

Possessing illegal drugs or substances without the intent to sell can lead to your arrest if discovered by the police, whether on your person or within your property. While considered a relatively minor offense, drug possession is a common charge handled at the state level.

Sale, Distribution, and Trafficking of Drugs

Possession of drugs with the intention to sell carries different consequences depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the intended location of the sale. This offense can be charged at both the state and federal level, with penalties becoming increasingly severe.

Drug Manufacture

Engaging in drug manufacturing or possessing drug-related paraphernalia can result in state or federal drug charges. These charges carry more severe penalties, particularly when combined with a sale charge.

When Does a Drug Charge Become a Federal Offense?

A drug charge can escalate to a federal offense when the arresting officer is a federal law enforcement agent. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), being a federal agency, tirelessly combats drug use and distribution nationwide. If you find yourself arrested by a DEA officer, your charges could indeed become federal offenses.

Individuals facing federal drug charges often provide information to federal officers about other drug activities, hoping to receive leniency for their own crimes. This cooperation often leads to the arrest of others involved in drug possession, production, distribution, or sales. It is crucial to note that arrests resulting from such informants are also considered federal offenses.

Additionally, due to the collaborative efforts of federal and state law enforcement agencies in combatting drug crimes, local drug charges can sometimes elevate to federal crimes. Regrettably, in this scenario, the nature of the offense cannot be changed, and there is no possibility of appeal if the charge is upgraded to federal.

Consequences of State Drug Crimes

State drug crimes typically carry less severe penalties compared to federal offenses, given their classification as minor offenses. The penalties for state charges can range from a short-term imprisonment to probationary periods, depending on the specific charges. In some instances, individuals with no significant prior criminal record may face fines rather than imprisonment. It is worth noting that the penalties and repercussions of each case depend on the state in which the arrest takes place, as every state has its own set of laws for drug crimes and corresponding sentencing procedures.

Consequences of Federal Drug Offenses

Federal drug charges, in comparison, impose more severe penalties and typically offer no possibility of parole. Even for minor misdemeanors, federal prisoners may receive harsher punishments, including longer imprisonments and higher fines, when compared to state charges. The serious nature of federal drug offenses, such as drug possession, sale, or trafficking, leads to correspondingly severe consequences.

If you are facing drug-related charges and are seeking legal guidance in Wheeling, West Virginia, the Mountaineer Criminal Law Group can provide you with comprehensive knowledge of local and state drug laws in the area. Our services extend to Wheeling and throughout West Virginia. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and ensure the protection of your rights.

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I had hired Mr. Logue a few years ago for my gf at the time for charges she had gotten before I had met her, for prostitution. Big mistake to date her and pay for her lawyer as we didn’t work out but Mr. Logue far exceeded expectations. He got nearly all charges in 2 separate cases dropped for her...


I was arrested on a felony 3 charge looking at at least up to 2 years in prison. County District Attorney didn't want to negotiate. After a lot of hard work, Sean was able to plead the case all the way down to just 90 days jail with a work release. Better deal than I realistically could have hoped...

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Mr. Logue took our son’s cases on very short notice (the first lawyer we hired wasn’t getting anywhere with either of the prosecutors and had actually turned one of the cases over to the court-appointed attorney). We hired Mr. Logue to go to trial if needed, but he worked with both prosecutors and...

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