Sobriety Checkpoint Planned in Huntington This Memorial Day

Is everyone ready for the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend? Because, let me tell you: while you’ve gone shopping for your burgers, dogs, and chips (and made sure that the cooler is stocked with everyone’s favorite pop, beer, and wine coolers), the police have also been preparing. But what they have in mind is definitely no picnic.

Around the holidays – especially ones that tend to be alcohol-centric, such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July- police beef up DUI patrols. Take it from a West Virginia criminal defense lawyer who handles a ton of DUI cases: If you’re gonna drink, don’t drive. If those roving patrols don’t scare you into making a plan for how to get home if you’ve been imbibing, maybe this will: In many communities, those are in addition to sobriety checkpoints that have been announced.

So, for those of you who live in the Huntington area: Be extra careful. West Virginia State Police have announced that a sobriety checkpoint will be conducted sometime tonight and Saturday in the area of Third Ave and 20th Street. So take it from a guy who does a lot of DUI defense: If you plan to party it up, make sure you sober up before driving. Seriously: Sleep on a couch. Call a cab (or Uber or your Uncle Fred) to get you home safely. Trust me: It will cost last than having to hire a guy like me to help you through the court process associated with a DUI charge.

Source: Herald Dispatch - DUI Checkpoint Planned in Huntington