The Daily Athenaeum Hits Homerun With WVU DUI Editorial

This Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who spends a great deal of time on DUI defense wants to personally congratulate West Virginia University’s student newspaper’s editorial board for its recent piece regarding the dangers of drinking and driving. Titled, “Drunk Driving is Never an Option,” the editorial board tells its peers how it is: No matter what you THINK your reason is for driving drunk, it’s not good enough – and never will be. The writers then dismantle the excuse, “Well, there is only one cab service in Morgantown – how am I gonna get a ride home?” After giving great resource information to fellow students about a so-called “drunk bus” that makes loops through campus three nights a week until 2 a.m., and about another service – DubVSafe Ride, which is a service that will transport both you and your vehicle wherever you need to be.

And it’s pretty simple for people to use, the editorial board explains: All you need to do is text your vehicle’s make, model, where it will be parked, and when you need to be picked up (and dropped off). Much has been said and written about West Virginia University, and the culture of alcohol both there and on campuses nationwide, and I think editorials like this one go a long way in helping to deter not only DUIs. In my experience in DUI defense, those charged with DUI are often charged with other offenses, as well (think public drunkenness or disorderly conduct).

Because here’s the thing: By this point, we all know the influence of peer pressure. But I think it can be used for good, too. If more young people peer pressured (read: encouraged) their friends to be more responsible; to make plans on how to get home after a night of partying before they are too drunk to make a good one; to say no at all costs to getting behind the wheel when inebriated, I think that would do far more than any number of professors or law enforcement officials lecturing about crash statistics and the effects of alcohol on the body (although I acknowledge that’s needed, too). So, kudos to you, The Daily Athenaeum.

Source: WVU's Independent Student Newspaper - Drunk driving is never an option