Glen Mills Abuse

Glen Mills Abuse Lawsuit in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Have you heard several stories about the Glen Mills school inmates and sufferers who are narrating their dreadful tales of exploitation and abuse. Scores of students across the nation have expressed their anguish while telling their stories and have made the public go crazy about the horrific incidents. During the last 40 years, the authorities of Glen Mills reformatory school have forced its students to unthinkable abuse causing trauma and immense trouble.

During the month of February 2019, an inquirer from Philadelphia was the first to publish an article about the abusive incidents that occurred in the school, causing shock to the people of Pennsylvania and the entire USA. Have you or your loved ones have ever studied in this school? Were you forced to endure abuse but never opened your mouth? Were you scared or embarrassed?  Well, it’s time to come out in the open to narrate those incidents that put your and the entire country to shame.

You can come forward with your trauma and narrate your terrifying account. At, Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, we are with you. Whether it is to file a lawsuit, consult our West Virginia Glen Mills abuse lawyer and Martinsburg criminal lawyer to get the necessary assistance.

The horrific Incidents of Glen Mills School

From the stories that have come forward about this school, the commonest claims are rape and thrashing.  The authorities of the school was accountable for bringing the youth back to the mainstream but instead they were involved in the wrong situations and subject to terrible and horrifying abuse that made the victims keep quiet for several years.

The nature of abuse that have come from the plaintiff are:

  • Verbal abuse along with racial discrimination and using profane language
  • Beating
  • Hitting, stepping and kicking, them
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Spitting on them
  • Life threats
  • Students being pushed against the walls, doors, or appliances and even out of the window
  • Not providing medical attention to the students in need
  • Choking

The untoward happenings occurred over a period of four years when the school was functioning in the tenure of three different executive directors, based on the information received from the website. 

In September 2018, CCTV footage showed a 17-year old boy being subject to torture and the young boy running out of breath. What is even more harrowing is that the torture was carried out by two of the counsellors of the school. However, both of them have been charged with criminal cases thereafter.

If you aim to file a lawsuit with our lawyer specializing in West Virginia Glen Mills abuse, you may have several queries to be resolved. Try to find the answers here:

  • You can consider a legal step from any location in the USA to report an incident about Glen Mills Schooland need not be physically present for this.
  • You might have doubts about whether not having a good track record is necessaryto file a case. Truly, you can. Admission to this school intended to offer a good opportunity but the activities inside the school changed the scenario.
  • You may have suffered from pain when narrating the incidents or suffered from PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Irrespective of the time gone until now, filing a lawsuit is still possible.

Why don’t you approach our lawyers of Mountaineer Criminal Law Group and get the assistance of a Martinsburg criminal lawyer to file a lawsuit against Glen Mills Reformatory School.

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