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Mass Tort Representation for Dangerous and Defective Medications

FDA approval has always been something that the drugs have to assure of before ending up in the market. To receive assent from the Federal Drug Administration regarding over-the-counter and prescription drugs, manufacturers must maintain a high standard while developing them. The FDA has recently sanctioned a fast-tracked process so that the drugs can be brought into the market faster, which the manufacturers have been trying to turn around for a profitable scenario of their own.

Any drug should always be well-researched and tested for its flaws before they are deemed fit for the consumers to use. In the case where they are not well researched and tested before they are sent out to the market, consumers might end up suffering from various dangerous reactions as side effects. The more people fall victim to this, the more they become eligible for compensation. This is thus known as ‘mass torts’ or a ‘class action lawsuit’ where all affected come as one against the defendant, as in this scenario, the drug manufacturer. Upon achieving success in the case, each plaintiff shall be entitled to an amount of the settlement money.

Such tricky mass tort cases can be solved successfully with the intervention of experienced drug attorneys. Knowledge of a Martinsburg criminal Lawyer regarding the nooks and crannies of such cases can help you in holding the manufacturer responsible. So in case you or your loved one facing such an issue do feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Recognize Defective Drug Mass Tort Cases

There are times, when you might also have certain reactions to a drug that can be considered as side effects due to some underlying issue as should be seen listed as ‘warnings’ or be made aware of by a doctor. Such cases don’t require a lawsuit. But when any drug falls under the said conditions, they are deemed to be defective. Such conditions can include:

  • A lack of screening into the development of the safety of the drug usage before it was let out into the market
  • Some definite side effects that the manufacturer failed to disclose
  • Misleading advertisements about the drug’s safety
  • Shortcomings of the drug during the manufacturing process.

In the event of the breach of faith that the consumers put in the manufacturers, the results can be severe. In other words, manufacturers may flout the FDA’s guidelines by not verifying the safety of their drugs or overlooking crucial tastings. When this is done just to put out the drug into the market for the sake of it, it harms the consumers. In such cases, a Martinsburg Criminal Lawyer is always there to have your back.

Defective and Dangerous Drug Cases We Take Care Of:

Several dangerous drug lawsuits are recorded year after year from victims who go through a variety of hurdles. Martinsburg Criminal Law Group takes care of ‘mass tort’ cases related to:

This list is not all-inclusive. If you or someone you care about has been injured from a defective or recalled drug, lawyers at Martinsburg Criminal Law Group can hold up your concerns to pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. Also, for all DUI-related concerns feel free to contact us for a Martinsburg DUI lawyer. Give us a call at (304) 381-3656 and we’ll look after your case.

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