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Giving up the care of your elderly loved ones and trusting others for the job is not easy. But at the same time, it often becomes necessary too when you move out of the state for professional and personal reasons. In a situation like this, when you are trusting the caregiver, assisted care living or nursing homes for the job, they might be not only negligent but also abusive which might put your elderly loved one at risk.

If your elderly family member is subjected to such abuse, then you need to seek justice for them and for that you need to talk to our West Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers. We, Mountaineer Criminal Law Group , have handled cases of nursing home abuse with complete dedication and sympathy.

Signs of Elder Abuse

The incidents of elder abuse and especially nursing home abuse are very common in the USA. And the most challenging part of it is that it is not always very easy to spot. If you are a family member or a friend, then you can look for the following signs as they will indicate abuse.

  • The caregiver changing the social and health care provider frequently
  • The reluctance of the caregiver to accept any financial aid
  • Sudden changes in financial documents including the will
  • Not providing food, water or ventilation
  • Not providing the elder with glasses, denture, hearing aids, walkers or wheelchair
  • Soiled bandages, bedsores and skin rashes
  • Bruises that will also include the pattern of restraints
  • Confusion or disorientation due to malnutrition
  • Dehydration, mental confusion or lack of energy
  • Depression or crying
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Improper clothing for the weather
  • Open wounds, cuts and bruises
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Medical mismanagement including outdated prescriptions, empty bottles of medicines
  • Torn clothing and inexplicably broken items
  • Theft
  • Unexpected withdrawal from the bank account
  • Unusual activity in the property

Who Can Bring the Abuse Claim Against the Caregiver or the Nursing Home?

If you are a family member, a guardian or a close loved one, then you can bring in the claim of abuse. If you notice the signs, then should connect with the West Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers. The victim might not be willing to file a complaint out of fear or confusion. But that doesn’t stop the abuser from getting arrested.

Whom Can You Sue for Abuse?

If the caregiver is taking care of the elderly person at home, then they can be sued. If the elderly person is at an assisted living facility or a nursing home, then you can sue the owners of the place for violating the duty of offering the proper care.

How Long I Can Wait for Bringing the Claim?

Generally, legal claims should be pursued within a stipulated time or otherwise it will be barred forever even if it is valid. There are a few determining factors in this particular case:

  • If the negligence and abuse resulted in injury or death
  • The type of injuries sustained by the elderly
  • Whether the abuser was a caregiver or an organization or government entity
  • When you became aware of the incident

Come to Mountaineer Criminal Law Group and discuss your case with our West Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers. We will bring you the rightful justice and damage for the abuse

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