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What Happens at a DUI Checkpoint?

DUI or sobriety checkpoints are hurdles that the police set up to prevent and stop people from DUI crimes. In a DUI checkpoint, the police may ask you to roll down the car window to communicate with you. They may also get your driver’s license, registration, and insurance. Apart from this, they can also ask you a few questions about where you are slated to go or where you are coming from.

If the police find intoxication signs, they need to conduct a field sobriety test. Here are the five field sobriety tests to consider:

  1. Placing your finger to your nose
  2. Standing on one foot
  3. Following movement with your eyes
  4. Walking back and forth in a straight line
  5. Reciting alphabet or numbers

If you cannot take the field sobriety test appropriately, you may have to take the breathalyzer test. When it is confirmed that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, the police will arrest you after the completion of the test.

You can the lawyers of Mountaineer Criminal Law Group as soon as you start feeling a little better. Do not argue with the police but never admit your charges until your Martinsburg DUI lawyer tells you what to do.

Publicizing Checkpoints

When abiding by the law themselves, the police need to publish the details of the DUI checkpoint before it is made live. They must inform the public of the specific time, date, and location of the checkpoint. If you want to know whether there are any other checkpoints you might come across when driving on a specific route, try to check the local news for more information.

One of the reasons the police need to publicize DUI checkpoints is to deter people from drinking while driving. The CDC maintains that DUI checkpoints can prevent people from committing the crime.

What are the Dos and Don’ts?

If you come across a DUI checkpoint in West Virginia, look for another road where you can turn down to avoid the mandatory stop at the checkpoint. From the legal perspective, the police need to set up the checkpoint in this manner and allow the motorists to take an alternative route. What is not legally permissible is making a U-turn suddenly on the road to steer clear of the DUI checkpoint. If you suddenly take a turn in the middle of the road, police will most likely pull you over. Turning around to escape creates suspicion in their mind.

You must never get out of the vehicle to escape on foot. The police might catch you and the situation may run out of your favor.

When at a checkpoint never argue with the police and speak politely as going otherwise may make you look guilty.

If you face an arrest for a DUI crime, do not admit your guilt and contact our Martinsburg criminal lawyer immediately.

Role of a West Virginia Criminal Lawyer

The Martinsburg WV DUI lawyer will work on the case diligently and try to make things work in your favor.

The Martinsburg West Virginia DUI will inspect and find out all those crucial points that will work in your favor in the court of law.

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