Round Up Lawsuits in West Virginia

Round Up is a popular product used in the field in West Virginia quite extensively. However, the components used in it are carcinogens and cause non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or cancer. Round Up is a popularly known weed killer which has caused severe damage to many. Even if you have used this in your yard, you have already been exposed to the harmful effects of it.

Monsanto is the manufacturing company for Round Up and it was completely aware of the risk the chemical will pose to the users. And yet they marketed the product aggressively not caring about the consequences. If you or your loved one has been using Round Up for a long time and currently detected with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, then you need to come to us right away. At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group we will represent your interest while you can take care of your treatment. Our West Virginia Round Up lawyer will help you.

Toxic Chemicals in Round Up

Round Up is an herbicide that is designed to kill a weed or similar organism. Round Up also adds glyphosate which is known for interrupting the shikimate pathway. This will effectively hinder the growth of the plant eventually killing it. This same process doesn’t exist for humans which is why researchers thought that it is not a threat for anyone.

Round Up Connected With Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is a part of the WHO, has taken a bold step and classified Glyphosate as a 2A carcinogen which means that it can be a probable cause of cancer.

Monsanto flatly denied the claim as Round Up is known for getting 10% of the company profits. This claim has, however, brought down the sale and profit margin for the company in recent years.

Qualifying as Plaintiff of Round Up Litigation

As there are multiple claims and that is why they have been consolidated into one process, multidistrict litigation, which is based on lawsuits consisting of similar facts. That is why while filing the case under the MDL, you need to qualify as the plaintiff.

For that you need to affirm the following factors:

  • As a plaintiff, you will have to prove that you have used Round Up extensively in the past
  • You have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Round Up
  • You did not have cancer before the use of Round Up

If the plaintiff after qualifying dies, their family can stand for their rights and fight a wrongful death case against Bayer and Monsanto, the manufacturing company. This claim can join the MDL filed.

Compensation Covered by the Claim

The aim of the lawsuit is to recover the expenses that you and your family had to bear due to the exposure to the carcinogen and the resulted cancer. Also, it is the cost of the negligence of the company as they failed to inform the customers about the defects in the products. You will get the damages that will cover:

  • Medical expenses of the past and future
  • Wage loss during your treatment and recovery
  • Reduced earning capacity in future
  • Physical pain and mental trauma
  • Loss of consortium and companionship by the family of the plaintiff

Mountaineer Criminal Law Group as we are aware of the pain you have been through. Our West Virginia Round Up lawyer will take it from here.

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