Defective Product

How to handle manufacturers and distributors in complex mass tort cases for clients in West Virginia and beyond?

The manufacturers and distributors are accountable to design products that are deemed safe for consumers. When prioritizing profits, unsafe, malicious, dangerous, and defective products become a part of the market every day. Naturally, innocent consumers become the victims.

Have you sustained injuries or any of your loved ones have lost their lives after consuming or using the defective products? Don’t feel scared as you are not the only one to face the music. Along with the other victims, you are also eligible to ask for compensation with the help of a mass tort lawsuit against the insurance company, and the manufacturers. Usually, in cases related to this, the plaintiffs come together to get the monetary compensation to come out of the impact of the injury or loss of lives. However, these cases are more than complicated. So, you need to get the best legal representation from an experienced and skilled attorney and bring forward your interests in the court.

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What is a defective product?

Generally, a defective product may cause harm due to the defects that stay in it from the time of manufacturing. The defects may be present in the product design or it may be that the marketing strategies were improper during which the potential dangers have not been disclosed. At Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, an attorney specializing in this field consults with the experts to closely explore the evidence established and determine what defects in the product are responsible for causing the injury. The legal team uses this information to present the liability associated with it and creates a class action lawsuit on behalf of the petitioners. For multiple product liability cases, our legal team aims to enhance the compensation and aid the recovery. They are also familiar with those tactics that are used to hold the manufacturers responsible so that they do not cause harm to others in the future.

Mass tort and product liability cases handled

When it comes to defects in a product, they may be present in any manner. From the ingredients in baby food, to malfunction in the parts of vehicles, food for pets, or in OTC and prescription medicines, they may be present. Apart from this, you will find them in children’s toys, tools, and various other products. Many of them might get nation recall notices but several others stay on the market.

Our law firm deals with mass tort cases for the following products.

We have assisted multiple victims facing the consequences of using defective products and have held the distributors, manufacturers, and insurance companies responsible for the same.

Mass tort cases and product liability

Due to the magnitude of mass tort cases, the matter may grow to have several complexities. The big manufacturers and their insurance agencies also have legal teams to protect their interests. Naturally, the plaintiff needs to establish in what way the product is defective and how it resulted in injuries or loss of lives.

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