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NY Drivers & WV Traffic Tickets

Things NY drivers should know about WV traffic tickets

If you get a traffic ticket when on a holiday, it becomes a great source of anxiety. Chances are that you may not know the rules of the state you are in, the place where the court is situated, and the penalties you may be facing. Getting a ticket in another state is similar to what happens in your home state but the penalties will differ.

West Virginia has two categories of speeding laws: the basic speeding limit and the absolute speeding limit. So, if you cross over even a mile in an absolute zone, it will result in a ticket and a large fine. The basic speeding limits require drivers to maintain a safe speed all the time.

One of the basic aspects that the drivers in any state need to know is that there is a kind of agreement among different states of the United States. Therefore, if you get a ticket in a different state, that state will inform the driver’s home state about the incident. New York and West Virginia are members of this agreement also known as the Driver’s License Compact.

If you are a state driver and wondering if you can ignore the ticket while driving in West Virginia as it is not their home state but it cannot be ruled out. Ignoring the ticket in EV may result in the suspension of your license, meaning that New York’s Motor Vehicles Department will suspend it due to their coordination with West Virginia. So, you will have no way to get away from the trouble and the license will stay suspended until you deal with the West Virginia Ticket. But a Martinsburg criminal lawyer will handle the problems professionally and get you out of the mess.

Generally, tickets received for a minor violation of traffic in West Virginia by the residents of New York are not added to the driver’s record in New York. However, tickets received for issues like DUI or drugs, alcohol, or other issues like homicide, assault, or criminal negligence while driving become a part of the criminal record of the driver. At the same time, New York does not assign any points to the driver’s license for tickets that people receive for a minor traffic violation in West Virginia. But for the other offenses mentioned above, the driver will receive points on his or her license. You may consult with a Martinsburg DUI lawyer from Mountaineer Criminal Law Group and get the assistance you need.

When you get a ticket in West Virginia, the insurance company will be notified that you have received it and will raise the premiums and also pay the rest of the costs and fines levied against you by West Virginia. A few other traffic offenses may result in the suspension of the license. If your license in New York is suspended, West Virginia will not allow you to drive in their state and if you try to break the rules and drive with a suspended license in WV, you will be arrested by the police for a crime.

For drivers receiving traffic tickets in West Virginia, you may not know which attorney to consult with for a favorable outcome. If you are in a similar situation, call Sean Logue from Mountaineer Criminal Law Group at any time in the day or night at (304) 381-3656 and get the most out of the free initial consultations. Don’t delay.  

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