Can ‘Scarlett Letter’ License Plates Be a Learning Lesson for DUI Offenders?

DUI is a serious offense in West Virginia. And it should be that way because driving under an intoxicated condition can lead to several serious consequences. Alcohol or other intoxicating drugs can seriously affect your rational judgment, balance, and most importantly your vision. As a result of which, you can meet with an accident and pose a threat to not only your life but the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. So, if you know anyone who has been charged with DUI convictions, he or she will be imposed huge fines and subjected to a considerable period of jail time.

And now, there is another interesting way in which DUI convicts can be punished although this is more of a childish approach in my opinion. You must have heard about the phrases ‘slut shaming’ or ‘fat shaming’ but are you aware of something known as ‘plate shaming’? Being a Morgantown criminal defense lawyer let me tell you all about it.

The West Virginia news channels were quite intrigued to know whether the Mountain State should be inspired by its Ohio neighbors where any second-time DUI offender convicted of having alcohol content in their blood twice the legal limit would get something known as the “Scarlett Letter License Plates.”

So, what are these Scarlett Letter License plates? As you must have read in Nathanial Hawthorne’s novel about the heroine wearing a red “A” for adultery, the DUI offenders of Ohio have to drive with a yellow license plate with red lettering which will convey their infamous deed to the common public.

If you are wondering what is the purpose of wearing such plates then it is basically to put the offenders of DUI to shame although as a Morgantown criminal defense lawyer, I feel it is not a very effective idea.

Well, there are other proponents who believe that the license plates are addressed to a totally separate section of the population. They serve to make other motorists and drivers aware of what could possibly make up a dangerous driver and thereby prevent such crimes in the future.

If you ask me, shaming will not be much of help just like the Scarlett letter did not go well in the classic. The only way to dissuade young people from drunk driving is proper education. This is the sort of education they would receive after being convicted of driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

There were many clients who had employed me as their DUI defense lawyer. They tell me about the importance of highway safety class and how much knowledge they have gathered on ways to get alcohol content out of their systems.

Therefore, I honestly believe that however much you use the yellow DUI-shaming license plates, it will not be as useful as the fine quality educational opportunities for the young drivers and motorists.

On any occasion where you have been accused of DUI offenses, you must resort to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can guide you and help you with your case.