WVU’s New Piece for The Daily Athenaeum gives new hope for Deterring DUI

As a criminal defense lawyer, deeply involved in and regularly representing clients for DUI defense, I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate the student newspaper’s editorial team of the West Virginia University for their recent write-up on the perils of drinking and driving.

The piece has been titled as ““Drunk Driving is Never an Option” which, according to the editorial board means that drinking and driving are not acceptable at any cost, no matter whatever reason or justification you give. It is never good enough.

Then, the writer tries to break down the kinds of excuses which are commonly heard in such DUI cases. For instance, someone might say that there is just a single cab service in Morgantown so there was no another option to reach home except driving one’s own car.

In order to counter such feeble arguments, the writer provides with some useful information to the readers about some sources of transportation which operate even late at night. For instance, the “drunk bus” which takes rounds throughout the campus for three nights every week till 2 a.m. in the night or the DubVSafe Ride, another bus service which can help you and your vehicle reach anywhere you need to be.

The editorial team of the WVU further explains how easy it is for people to use. What you need to do is simply message your vehicle’s make, model and where it will be parked along with the pickup and the drop off timings.

A lot has been spoken and written about the party culture and alcohol induced students of West Virginia University, both in the university premises as well as the campuses nationwide. So, it was necessary to come up with such articles and write-ups which not make people aware of the DUI cases and its long drawn consequences but also help deter other criminal offenses which are often charged with the DUI. Public drunkenness and antisocial attitude are closely connected to DUI offenses and are often charged together. So, one must think clearly before landing up in such situations.

Another point to be considered here is that by now, all of us are aware and completely understand the power of peer pressure on young people. But what you should understand is that it can be used for a good purpose too. If more people start encouraging and inspiring their friends to become more responsible for their actions such as make proper plans for reaching home safely after a night of partying or avoid driving in the inebriated state at all costs, it would make a much deeper impact on them rather than what effect the professors or law enforcement officials have when they lecture on the crash statistics or the harmful effects of alcohol on the body. Although, I understand the importance of those lectures too and agree that they are also equally necessary to create a safe and healthy world for all the people in West Virginia.

So, well done, The Daily Athenaeum. Keep up such good works and continue to work for the betterment of the youth of West Virginia because they are ultimately the future of this state and the nation as a whole.

Source: http://www.thedaonline.com/opinion/article_4c05d220-aa67-11e4-bddb-c39599314c6e.html