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Because our firm is based in Morgantown, West Virginia, a large portion of our clients are college students. We also represent students throughout West Virginia. Often times, in addition to the criminal proceedings, WVU students are alleged to be in violation of the WVU Code of Student Conduct and may be subject to a Student Conduct Board Hearing

We have represented many students in college and university proceedings throughout West Virginia. At WVU, as well as other public institutions, you are entitled to the aide of an attorney at all steps of the process. We believe that it is likely that the difference between expulsion or suspension, or suspension versus probation, is experienced legal representation. If you are facing a student disciplinary action, lean on our experience and schedule a consultation today.

WVU Student Conduct Code Process

Often times, when a WVU student is accused of a violation of the Conduct Code, even for an action that took place off campus or when school is not in session, the Office of Student Conduct may issue a Notice of Charge to the offending student. The Notice is the initiation of the WVU administrative action that may ultimately lead to a full blown conduct hearing. The Student Conduct Board hearing is a unique process with its own rules and procedures. We highly recommend before going before the Conduct Board you consult with an attorney experienced in representing WVU students in this type of proceeding.

WVU Student Conduct Code Jurisdiction

The WVU Student Conduct Code is a document that grants the University jurisdiction over almost all activities of any student both on and off campus. Thus, if there is an incident that takes place on campus, WVU may review it. If the incident takes place off campus, and a law is violated or if WVU believes that there is some type of endangerment of the the property, health, or safety of neighboring communities, or the actor failed to act in an appropriate manner of that of a student, they make take action. The time period for which the WVU Student Conduct Code affects an actor is from the time of application for admission into WVU through the awarding of a degree, even if the discovery of the negative action takes place after the receipt of the degree.

WVU Student Conduct Code Punishments

There are many different and creative punishments that the Office of Student Conduct may impose on a student found to have violated the Student Conduct Code. The following are the most often enacted:

  • Warning – the student offender receives a written warning from the Office of Student Conduct, whereby the student is put on formal notice that the University is aware of a violation of the Student Conduct Code and any further violation may result in a more severe sanction.
  • Probation – the student offender receives a written reprimand whereby the University designates a period of time during which should the student violate the Code again, the student would face more severe sanctions.
  • Loss of Privileges – the student offender is denied some specific privilege for a defined period of time.
  • Suspension – the student offender is barred from the University for a specific period of time; the suspension will also be a permanent black-mark on the student’s academic record.
  • Expulsion – the student offender is permanently barred from the University and said expulsion will also be a permanent black-mark on the student’s academic record.
  • Restitution – the student offender is required to make payments to an entity that has suffered damages due to the student’s conduct.
  • Other Sanctions – The Student Conduct Code also gives the authority to the Student Conduct Board to impose other sanctions, such as: dismissal from University Housing, offense-related classes, community service, etc.

Expulsion Level Offenses

The Student Conduct Code lists the following offenses that may give rise to the sanction of expulsion:

  • Acts of Dishonesty – plagiarism, cheating, forgery, fraud, etc.
  • Disruption or Obstruction – leading or inciting others to disrupt teaching, research, administration, disciplinary, or other WVU activities; failure to comply with directions from WVU or law enforcement officials; impeding the free flow of pedestrians at WVU or WVU-sponsored events
  • Disorderly, lewd, or indecent conduct; or the aiding of such conduct
  • Abuse – physical, verbal, threats, intimidation, coercion, stalking, hazing, or other conduct which endangers the safety of others
  • Theft or damage to WVU community or public property
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Trespassing
  • Arson
  • Possession or Distribution of controlled substances, including narcotics and alcoholic beverages, except as permitted by law and/or WVU regulations
  • Possession of firearms, explosives, or other dangerous instruments on WVU premises
  • Major violation of the WVU Student Code of Conduct
  • Violation of any state or federal law

Student Conduct Code Counsel

Ultimately, if you are a college student who is suspected of committing a crime, your school may initiate a student disciplinary action against you. Even a minor crime, such as underage drinking or disorderly conduct, can result in a negative finding against you that could result in severe consequences, including probation, suspension, and dismissal. A black-mark on your academic record can also affect future employment or graduate school applications. If you are facing a student disciplinary proceeding, contact us now for a free consultation about how we can help you.

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