Marijuana Laws in Martinsburg, West Virginia

The possession, sale, and distribution of marijuana are considered a felony or a crime.

Here is a guide to follow for marijuana-related offenses in West Virginia and the associated penalties.


The cultivation of marijuana plants in West Virginia may lead to a simple charge of possession, or possession with the intent to deliver, based on the weight of the plants. The penalties associated with these charges are assessed by the law.


All the items mentioned below are eligible to be forfeited to the state of West Virginia when involved in the production and/or transport of controlled substances:

  • Cars 
  • Real estate
  • Monetary funds

So, if you are involved in the production or transport of controlled substances, your car, real estate assets, or money may be forfeited based on the extent of the charges.


An individual involved in financing, management, supervision, direction or owning an illegal drug paraphernalia business may be guilty of a crime punishable by a fine not extending more than $5000 or a jail sentence amounting to six months but not beyond a year. Besides, an attempt to contaminate the drug test is also a criminal offense similar to possessing or distributing drugs for adulteration of the test. Those who face conviction for the first offense may be guilty of a crime punishable with a fine amount not exceeding $1000 unlike those who are convicted for the second offense and are fined $5000. Those convicted for a third or subsequent offenses may face fines up to $10,000 or a jail term not exceeding one year or both.

Punishment for possession of marijuana

Possession of marijuana, irrespective of the amount is another crime in West Virginia, punishable by at least 90 days (but not exceeding 6 months) in jail. Imposition of a fine not exceeding $1000 may also be considered. Similarly, second or subsequent offenses may result in a double penalty.

Selling and distribution of marijuana

Selling or distribution of marijuana is considered a crime in West Virginia and carries a jail sentence of one year at least but not exceeding five years. A fine amount not exceeding $15,000 may also be considered a punishment for this crime.

Those facing conviction for trafficking marijuana into West Virginia are also liable for a jail term of one to five years along with a fine amount of up to $15,000. The penalty for the sale and distribution of marijuana to a minor is a graver punishment, especially when it takes place within 1000 feet of the school for which a minimum of two years of sentence may apply.

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