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Expungement of Your Record

A criminal record may stop you from pursuing higher education, getting your dream job, or debar you from traveling abroad. Our Martinsburg Criminal Lawyer can eliminate the criminal charges from your record and seal them so that you can move ahead in life easily. Expungement is the process of sealing criminal charges from your record and provides you with an opportunity to start again. Once your record is expunged, you are shown as an individual without any criminal record. So, you need not disclose it on applications made to potential employers or landlords.

Misdemeanor Committed by people aged 18-26 years

If a misdemeanor offense was previously committed between the ages of 18 and 26, the victims may get the charges expunged from the record. However, the charges should not be DUI or domestic violence and there may not be subsequent or prior convictions when filing the petition of expungement. Moreover, the petition needs to be filed within a year of the conviction and after the completion of probation. Once the circuit court grants the expungement, it may look like the conviction never occurred.

DUI First Offense

If you are charged with a first-time DUI 1st offense, it is possible to have the offense expunged from your criminal record by completing a deferral program by our Martinsburg DUI lawyer. To have the offense expunged, certain steps must be followed:

  • You must notify the court within 30 days of your arrest if you wish to participate in the DUI deferral program
  • The prosecuting attorney must approve of the plan.
  • You must agree to a 15-day suspension of driving privileges
  • Following the 15-day suspension, an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) will be installed in your vehicle for 165 days (about 6 months)
  • After successful completion of the IID deferral program, the charges will be dismissed
  • You will then be placed on probation for one year
  • Upon successful completion of probation, you may have the charge expunged from your criminal record, but not from your driving record

You may not participate in the program if:

  • You are charged with any other DUI offense other than DUI 1st
  • You’re charged with an aggravated DUI (BAC level greater than 0.15)
  • Driver’s license has been previously suspended for a DUI
  • You have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Simple Marijuana Possession

If you have a first drug offense on your record, you may qualify for an expungement. Under those circumstances, you must complete a deferred sentence at first and the case must be discharged or dismissed. You may apply to have the offense expunged after six months of the successful completion of probation.

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Granting an expungement is a discretionary matter of the court. Several factors may force the court to deny the expungement. It may be as simple and naïve as the petition being filed incorrectly. So, make sure you avoid mistakes and hire a Martinsburg criminal lawyer to get the job done correctly.

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I had hired Mr. Logue a few years ago for my gf at the time for charges she had gotten before I had met her, for prostitution. Big mistake to date her and pay for her lawyer as we didn’t work out but Mr. Logue far exceeded expectations. He got nearly all charges in 2 separate cases dropped for her...


I was arrested on a felony 3 charge looking at at least up to 2 years in prison. County District Attorney didn't want to negotiate. After a lot of hard work, Sean was able to plead the case all the way down to just 90 days jail with a work release. Better deal than I realistically could have hoped...

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Mr. Logue took our son’s cases on very short notice (the first lawyer we hired wasn’t getting anywhere with either of the prosecutors and had actually turned one of the cases over to the court-appointed attorney). We hired Mr. Logue to go to trial if needed, but he worked with both prosecutors and...

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