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Only a handful of people realize that suspension of driving licenses is common in DUI case arrests. They may also feel that hearing for license suspension is a part of the DUI criminal process. However, the hearing process for driving license suspension is entirely different from the trial process for criminals. Typically it is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles and is an administrative process. When someone is arrested for DUI, the driver has to request a DMV hearing within 30 days or risk the loss of driving privileges for a long period

Hey, don’t let friends go without legal representation as that is what we are here for.  It is mandatory to work with an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle the administrative processes to make sure that you retain your driving privileges. When it comes to Mountaineer Criminal Law Group, our Martinsburg DUI lawyer defends clients in West Virginia against the charges and helps them move through administrative driver’s license of DMV process. Call (304) 584-DUI1 and talk to an attorney to resolve the issues right away. DUI cases are more complex than you think. So, the victims need not go without legal representation. We have a battery of lawyers to assist you in handling every aspect of the case and experience relief when facing the hassles of DUI charges.

When you face an arrest for DUI in Monongalia County in the state of West Virginia –DMV Penalties

West Virginia is generally careful and diligent about license suspensions related to DUI cases. DMV penalties include:

  • The first offense may lead to revocation of the license for six months and a third offense may shut it off for life as part of the revocation process.
  • You may have to install a Breathalyzer or ignition interlock device associated with the ignition of your car. You need to blow into the device before starting the car. When it shows the reading that you have been drinking for a while, the car will not start. Even those with first-time offense in West Virginia may need to install the interlock device for 270 days. If you refuse to take the BAC or blood alcohol content test, it may result in the suspension of your driving license for a year and another year for each conviction in the past which is part of the ignition interlock device.
  • Alcohol safety treatment course: Before the reinstatement of the license, you will have to pay the designated fee and complete the course of alcohol safety treatment.

The installation of ignition interlock device is one aspect of West Virginia’s Test and Lock Program, and several other elaborate requirements to retain the license. A Martinsburg DUI lawyer at our endand the legal team are familiar with the test and lock program of West Virginia and are ready to assist you understand different aspects for retaining the license.

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