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WVU Student Who Died at Frat Had .493 Percent BAC

I’ve been following the high-profile, alcohol-related headlines at West Virginia University as both an alum and a Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who handles a high volume of DUI defense, public Read More

To Disclose a DUI or Not to Disclose a DUI: A Guide

A firefighter in Huntington, West Virginia, was suspended without pay this month after allegedly being charged with a DUI offense. Not a first-time DUI. Not a second-time DUI. Not even a Read More

West Virginia Greek Life Ban Partially Lifted

Here’s a bit of good news out of West Virginia University: The school has partially lifted its ban on sorority and fraternity activity. This Morgantown criminal defense lawyer received his law Read More

Bad Grades Could Mean License Suspension in West Virginia

I’m sure at one point or another, every West Virginia parent has pulled their kid aside and given them a This is What Happens If You Don’t Do Well in Read More

Don’t Say ‘It’s Just Weed’ – It’s a Serious Drug Charge

In the hierarchy of drugs, many might say that heroin is at the top, followed by substances such as cocaine, crack and Oxycodone (as well as other addictive prescription pills). Marijuana? Read More

Be in the Know: New West Virginia Laws Now in Effect

As a criminal defense lawyer, sometimes you have to give prospective clients a little tough love. I’ve had to tell people, “Ignorance of the law is not a viable defense.” Didn’t Read More

How to Get a DUI without Even Moving Your Car

This Pittsburgh and Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who focuses on DUI defense has represented hundreds of men and women who’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and Read More

Don’t Lower Drinking Age, Change ‘Drunk Culture’ on Campuses

It has long been considered one of America’s “party schools,” and West Virginia University (of which I am an alum) has recently been in the news a great deal because Read More

Judge Criticizes Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

The headline was enough to cause this West Virginia criminal defense attorney stop in his tracks. It read, “Judge Regrets Harsh Human Toll of Minimum Mandatory Sentencing.” He had me at “harsh Read More

West Virginia Dept. of Transportation Spokesman Charged with DUI

Take it from a West Virginia DUI defense attorney: I’ve represented more than 300 people who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and it’s Read More

West Virginia Beefs Up DUI Patrols, Checkpoints for Holidays

Watch out, West Virginia drivers (and DUI defense lawyers), police are in the midst of what they are calling a “Holiday Blitz.” That means motorists will be seeing the Mountain State’s Read More

West Virginia DMV Lauds New Ignition Interlock Law

The West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles this week lauded a new state law that allows DUI offenders to forgo a license suspension and waive DMV hearings in order to Read More

Want to Prevent WVU Campus Crimes? Be Informed

There’s been a lot of news lately about college students behaving badly, and my alma mater, West Virginia University in Morgantown, has earned its fair share of those headlines. Let’s face Read More

WVU Suspends Fraternity after 19 Members Charged with Underage Drinking

West Virginia University placed one of its fraternities on temporary suspension recently after 19 of its members were charged by Morgantown police for underage drinking and other violations, according to Read More

Embattled Pratt Mayor Faces DUI Charges

A West Virginia mayor who last year refused to resign despite being arrested for possession of prescription drugs, again faces criminal charges for DUI. Police said Pratt Mayor Gary Fields was Read More

WVU Suspends All Fraternity, Sorority Activity Following Incident that Resulted in Student’s Death

West Virginia University this week suspended all fraternity and sorority activities following an incident at a frat house that resulted in the death of a student. Police said emergency responders were Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 94 posts