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Deep Thoughts on National Beer Day

I don’t know that it would be considered irony as much as juxtaposition but: On my news feeds today I saw stories about news items that piqued the interest of Read More

Grant Spurs More DUI, Other Patrols in West Virginia Town

I know you’ve heard this Morgantown criminal defense lawyer say it before: More enforcement = less DUIs and traffic infractions, an opinion backed up by a recent study. Now, at least Read More

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As a criminal defense lawyer who represents clients in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I am on the road constantly – and some of the things you see are truly frightening. Picture, Read More

Morgantown St. Patrick’s Day Plans Spur Traffic, Parking Changes

Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities have come and gone, but the fun is just getting geared up in Morgantown, West Virginia. Those who live and work in the city should be Read More

WVU College of Law Again Ranked as Top-100 School

I wanted to give a shout out today to my alma mater, West Virginia University College of Law, which was recently (and again) recognized by U.S. News & World Report Read More

Morgantown’s Dub V Ride Now Non-Profit in Fight Against DUIs

There is some good news on the horizon for folks in Morgantown, West Virginia – news that this criminal defense lawyer who handles a ton of DUI defense thinks will Read More

Shocker? Monongalia County Averages 2 DUI Arrests Per Night

The headline made this criminal defense lawyer who handles a ton of DUI defense in Morgantown pay attention: “An Average 2 People Arrested for DUI Per Night in Monongalia County.” Two. Read More

Longer WVU PRT Hours Could Mean Safer Morgantown

Robert Frost once famously said, “I always entertain great hopes.” I agree with Mr. Frost, and I think West Virginia University needs to, as well – one great hope in particular, Read More

Creating Own Black Ice to Blame DUI Crash On = Bad Idea

Pittsburgh’s own Randy Pausch (author of “The Last Lecture”) famously said, “No matter how bad things are,you can always make things worse.” While it is great advice for life in general, Read More

Woman Gets Hit by Alleged DUI Driver, Then SHE Gets a Ticket

It happens in the legal system all the time (trust me, I’m a Morgantown criminal defense lawyer): Charges look good on paper, but not so much when one considers the Read More

“Big Brother” Charged in Connection to WVU Fraternity Death

A story broke moments ago that shed even more light on the November death of a West Virginia University student who died at a fraternity house following a night of Read More

Fatal Traffic Crashes are Down in West Virginia and THIS is Why

The number of fatal car crashes in West Virginia are down, and authorities there are attributing the waning statistics to targeting enforcement (think DUI checkpoints, seat belt enforcement, child restraint Read More

THIS is Why Serving Alcohol to Minors is a Big Deal

Let me ask you a question: When you were 21, were you ever the Of Age Friend who did the beer runs for those underage members of your group of Read More

The Daily Athenaeum Hits Homerun with WVU DUI Editorial

This Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who spends a great deal of time on DUI defense wants to personally congratulate West Virginia University’s student newspaper’s editorial board for its recent piece Read More

Will This Hard Liquor Ban Curb College Binge Drinking?

Take it from this Morgantown criminal defense lawyer who deals with a lot of DUI defense: There is indeed such a thing as “kids being kids.” But that also means kids Read More

WVU Campus Police Report Decrease in Public Intox, Other Crimes

My alma mater, West Virginia University, has been in the news enough for a bunch of bad stuff lately. Yesterday, for example, news broke that the freshmen who died in Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 94 posts